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Rare Gems… One in a Million

  I don’t mean to brag, but my two youngest twin boys are one in a million.  No really, I’m not delusional, I’m not a mother blinded by maternal love — my babies really were born one in a million.  It’s only one in a million twins that are born...
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has many faces.  When I was first diagnosed with PTSD, I had recently survived American Airlines Flight #965 that plane crash in the Andes Mountains that killed my parents along with 160 total souls on board.  I remember how confused I was at my...
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Don’t Call it A Comeback

LL Cool Jay used to have a song back when I was a high school and in the lyrics he said, “Don’t call it a comeback!  I’ve been here for years!”  I think that symbolizes that someone can be quiet and small but they can still be working hard behind the...
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Are you an A-Player, B-Player or C-Player?

Gulp.   This is a difficult question to ask yourself.  Objectively speaking, are you a top performer (as in the top 10-20%) on  your team?  Certainly if you are reading this I’m sure it’s safe to say you are not a C-Player… the bottom 20%, the ones that...
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No Princess Here Please

My parents never told me I was a princess.  My mom never let me complain if people at school made fun of my brown skin or my unruly curly hair (I was the only brown girl in my entire elementary school).  In fact, she MANY times told me “everybody has problems, no body...
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