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These Clients Love Mercedes…You Will, Too!

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I wanted to email you after the conference to tell you how much I gained from your presentation. I really connected to the idea that we need to be passionate about our goals, persist until we achieve them and remain positive in the process. I’ve totally changed my vision of my future and see so much more ahead of me.

Women of Visionary Influence Conference, Nancy Peham, Board Member

A great way to present safety from a unique perspective. It was very true to life.

VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association), Staci Cannady, HR Manager and VPPPA Safety Conference Attendee

[Your presentation] was amazing, and the turnout was incredible. It was standing room only, which has never happened before. The feedback on the survey was very positive.

Verizon, Kim Ortiz, Professional Development Program Coordinator

Words cannot describe how much your speech touched my heart. I have seen many inspirational speakers in my lifetime, but I have never been as moved as I was last night. It would be fair to say that Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins have some competition. This world needs more people like you.

University of Florida, Faculty Member

Wow! What a great speaker! I wish everyone in the company could hear you.

Thomas Hospital, Abby Scott, Women’s Best Conference Participant

Mercedes spoke at our annual conference, and she was terrific. Her story is very compelling, and she is a superb speaker.

SWACHA: The Electronic Payments Resource®, Dennis Simmons, President

Very informative and captivating. A message that makes you think heavily about our own safety culture, and a message we can take back to our employees. Very, very well done.

Suncor Energy, Shawn Mydynski, HSE Coordinator

Thank you for sharing your tragic, yet inspiring story with us. It certainly helped us gain a new perspective on life. You helped us all realize that we can deal with change and that we should cherish this very special gift called life.

Saint Luke’s Hospital Foundation, Mark Litzler, CEO

The group found your messages important and very inspiring as we were coming out of our busiest time of the year. It is very easy for us to get trapped in the routine of our daily lives. Thank you!

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Kara Lynch, Director

You were the talk of the Convention. You held our members in rapt attention. I enjoyed your video, but it did not do you justice! Your presentation is so much more powerful.

Phi Mu Fraternity, Susan Logan, Operations Director

Your presentation was wonderful from beginning to end. We needed to hear your story to revise our perspectives and values.


Parsons Corporation, Alicia Campbell, Participant

Mercedes was spectacular. One of the best commencement addresses I’ve heard in 30 years. I wish I’d kept track of all the glowing comments made about her speech.

Northwest Missouri State University, Dr. Dean Hubbard, President

She was so real – her message was cross-generational and inspirational.

National Latina Business Women’s Association, Deanna Quintanilla, AG Edwards Consultant and NLBWA Member

A very good example of how repetition can result in accidents due to complacency. This presentation would be good for the national convention.

Monetary Dutchess, Roy Chance, Participant

Great! Ten stars to her and her mission. I would love to have more information on where and how I can see more of her presentations.

Michael Foods, Anita Castiblanco, Participant

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. We have received many complimentary emails from attendees on how valuable your session was. I look forward to working with you again.

Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Collin Rorrie, CEO

It was truly a blessing to meet you and hear firsthand your awesome story! For you are truly a walking, living and breathing testimony of God’s good grace. I believe that God allows us to encounter certain people in our lives at certain times in order to propel us towards our destiny. His Purpose is that you become what he has called you to be.

National Inroads Alumni Association, Charles Price, Director

Mercedes’ very personal presentation captivated, inspired and uplifted our audience. This impassioned young woman’s story of determination and leadership in the face of adversity has many beneficial lessons.

Inroads, Inc., R.J., Regional Project Manager

I was very touched by Mercedes’ speech. I put myself in her place. I think this should be presented at every safety meeting. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give her a 10!

General Electric, Sital Amin, Conference Participant

I want to thank you for coming into my life with your story. You showed me that no matter how desperate things may seem, no matter how low our spirits may get, we are in control of the outcome. I was so touched by your story and how strong you are. People have always told me that special people were put on this earth to inspire others to do better in their lives. After meeting you, I see that it is true.

Environmental Protection Agency, Chris Havis, Scientist

The presentation was very uplifting and a unique way to show how actions in an everyday workplace could cause a serious event.

Covanta Energy, Todd Frace, Participant

Mercedes was mesmerizing! So articulate and such an inspiration to work and life.

Continental Airlines, Laurie Reasons, Sales Manager

Mercedes’ message gave me new insights and showed me ways to overcome obstacles in my career and personal life. It even motivated me to get out in the field and make some sales!

Concentra, Inc., Sheila Shadfar, Sales Associate

Mercedes’ presentation added a very thought-provoking element to our leadership development program. Based on feedback from our participants, we’ve invited her to be one of our standing keynote speakers.

City of Dallas, Tracy Madison, Leadership Program Trainer

[Mercedes’ presentation] was inspirational and caused me to change how I view what I do for this organization and in my life.

Children’s Miracle Network, Anonymous Participant, National Training Conference
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