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Second Chance Living

What will you do with your second chance?

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Many people feel so overwhelmed by daily pressures and obligations that they find themselves in Survival Mode, operating with the assumption that there will always be a tomorrow in which they can fix today’s problems, right today’s wrongs and take care of the truly important things they wished they’d done today. Second Chance Living is a transformational program that moves participants to put their challenges in perspective and to carefully consider how the choices they make will profoundly affect their future. Mercedes’ message focuses on personal success, overcoming challenges and finding authentic fulfillment. Through her gripping, poignant and yet humorous account of her plane crash and long-fought recovery, Mercedes proves that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Organizational Payoffs

Fortune 500 companies, national associations, faith-based and women’s organizations, government agencies, major educational institutions and non-profit organizations have utilized this topic to:

  • Develop and inspire their members
  • Teach determination and leadership in the face of adversity
  • Provide a truly memorable program that leaves a long-lasting impact
  • Give participants tools they can apply to their lives immediately

Individual Takeaways

Participants leave Mercedes’ presentations energized with:

  • Increased confidence, knowing that no matter what challenges they may face in the future, they have the fortitude and ability to take ownership of their lives
  • An inescapable understanding of the impact of their actions and the profound difference one person can make
  • A healthy sense of urgency and renewed passion for life
  • The three choices every individual can make to thrive rather than merely survive
  • Awareness of the inner motivators that drive them to succeed and find fulfillment
  • A grateful outlook that keeps life’s challenges and opportunities in perspective

Audience and Format

Second Chance Living is applicable for everyone, from senior business executives to student athletes and all those in between. The topic applies to anyone trying to better him- or herself and appeals to both genders as well as diverse ages and ethnicities. The keynote format ranges from 45 to 90 minutes and is customized to your organizational climate, meeting theme and objectives. PRAISE FOR Second Chance Living Thank you for sharing your tragic yet inspiring story with us. It certainly helped us gain a new perspective on life. You helped us all realize that we CAN deal with change and that we should cherish this very special gift called life. – M.L., CEO, Saint Luke’s Hospital Foundation I loved Mercedes’ presentation because it was told through a true-life story. Unlike other speakers, it actually left a mark. I learned some great lessons I can apply to my life, especially about not living in Survival Mode anymore. – Participant, Providence College This is a program for everyone…everyone needs to learn how to work and live for today. – Terry Watkins, Sales Manager, Harrah’s That was the most powerful presentation I have ever seen. Mercedes became a hero of mine instantly. She left the room speechless. – Student, University of Michigan

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