Inspiring * Transformational * Courageous * Personable

Why Mercedes?

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give her a 10!
– Sital Amin, General Electric

Content plus inspiration.

Many speakers who have overcome great adversity are inspiring, but rarely offer their audiences more than momentary motivation. Content-driven presenters provide practical advice, but are often short on inspiration. Mercedes offers both. Weaving workable solutions throughout an emotionally compelling story, Mercedes touches people’s hearts and minds. Her proprietary Second Chance Living™ concept gives participants a blueprint for change along with specific tools they can use immediately in their professional and personal endeavors.

Safety professionals across the country call Mercedes “a breath of fresh air.” Her one-of-a-kind safety message has an intellectual and emotional impact on participants, while creating a tangible effect on organizational safety initiatives and programs.

Her message sticks.

Participants say Mercedes leaves an indelible mark that remains with them long after the event is over. More than 100,000 people who’ve heard her transformational message will tell you that Mercedes changed not only their perspectives, their attitudes and their choices, but also their careers and their lives.

The breadth and depth of her experience.

With a decade in high-level sales in the medical industry, Mercedes understands the challenges and opportunities professionals face. A record-breaking, multimillion-dollar producer, she became the youngest female account executive at Cerner Corporation. Her extensive media experience includes appearances on ABC’s PrimeTime, The BBC, Discovery Health Channel, National Geographic Channel and numerous national daytime talk shows.  In addition, People en Español magazine has recognized her as one of this country’s top Hispanic up-and-comers.

Her style.

Audiences describe Mercedes as the most genuine speaker they’ve ever encountered. Her personal, conversational style allows her to cross professional, generational and gender gaps, and easily relate to and connect with people. Mercedes’ courage, strength and poise give her the ability to handle diverse audiences, from small groups of hard-nosed safety experts to stadiums filled with 15,000 teens, youth counselors and clergy. As an articulate, bilingual descendant of Latino immigrants, she has both the capability and the credibility to share her message with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

To find out how Mercedes can make your next meeting or convention an experience, not just an event, contact us.