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Do your employees and leaders spend too much time putting out fires and putting off until tomorrow what should be done today?

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All too often we operate in Survival Mode – doing just enough to get the job done rather than doing a good job. Our goals are simply to endure the daily challenges, keep our heads above water and make it to the end of the week. Sound familiar? Individuals who routinely focus on surviving rather than thriving tend to be disengaged and unfulfilled. Organizations with Survival Mode cultures lose millions of dollars in productivity and struggle to achieve long-term profits and lasting success.

Get It Right Today, Not Tomorrow serves as a wake-up call. An eye-opening presentation that won’t be forgotten, it powerfully dispels the notion that there will always be a tomorrow in which we can finish today’s important yet unfinished business. Weaving her inspirational story of tragedy, survival and recovery with solid business content, Mercedes challenges and changes the way people think and act. Her up-front dialogue, true-life examples and on-the-job application of real-world lessons moves audiences to work and live with intention.

Organizational Payoffs

Fortune 500 companies, leading healthcare organizations, national associations, government agencies and major educational institutions have utilized this topic to:

  • Develop and inspire their members
  • Develop their leaders
  • Release the untapped potential in their people
  • Improve employee engagement, loyalty and retention
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Increase sales and productivity

Individual Takeaways

Participants leave Mercedes’ presentations energized with:

  • A new sense of urgency and purpose and a renewed passion for work
  • Personal ownership and accountability for their actions and results
  • A blueprint for working and living with intention
  • A big-picture mindset and a clearer perspective of their daily challenges
  • An inescapable understanding of Situational Awareness and the profound difference one person can make
  • Insight into the inner motivators that will keep them committed and engaged from within
  • The three choices every individual can make that will have an immediate and positive impact on their job and the organization

Audience and Format

Get It Right Today, Not Tomorrow is applicable for individuals at every level of the organization. Mercedes appeals to the diverse ages, ethnicities and genders that comprise today’s workforce. The keynote format ranges from 45 to 90 minutes and is customized to your organizational climate, meeting theme and objectives.

Praise for “Get It Right Today, Not Tomorrow”

This was an awesome presentation that put a lot of things into perspective for me in my work life and with my family.
–Vivian Wilson, Implementations Group Manager, Verizon

Great passion and tie-in to sales! I will use this in training and inspiring my sales force.
– Participant, Three Eagles Communication

Very engaging and meaningful dialogue around Mercedes’ experience and how it applies to our careers and lives.
– Judy Feltmann, Senior Travel Specialist, Best Buy