Inspiring * Transformational * Courageous * Personable

Against the odds, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson survived what her parents and 158 other people did not – a plane crash in the desolate mountains of Colombia. During the 18 excruciating hours she awaited rescue, Mercedes vowed that if she lived, she would make her second chance at life count.

That commitment is reflected in her mission: to stir intentionality in everyone she meets.

It was the choices she made on the mountain, and the lessons she learned during the long months of recovery, which kept her alive. She discovered the hard way that our lives are determined by the intentional choices we make – both big and small. These choices are just as important in tackling the daily struggles of work and life as they are in tackling the more serious challenge of surviving a plane crash.

Today, Mercedes uses her personal tragedy as a catalyst for choice, change, renewal and safety awareness and as reminder that every day brings the gift of a second chance.