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Second Chance Living™

“What will you do with your second chance today?” is the question Mercedes poses to general audiences in this transformational program. Her gripping story moves participants to put their lives in perspective and carefully consider how the choices they make profoundly affect their future.
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Get It Right Today, Not Tomorrow

Do your employees and leaders too often operate in Survival Mode, putting out fires and putting off until tomorrow what should be done today? This program powerfully dispels the notion that there will always be a tomorrow in which we can finish today’s unfinished business and moves individuals to work and live with intentionality.
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Safety: Don’t Count on 2nd Chances

Can too much experience be a bad thing? Absolutely…if it leads to complacency. The highly experienced pilots of Flight 965 were lulled into a false sense of security that led to the deaths of 160 people. Mercedes’ one-of-a-kind safety presentation uses the factual account of the crash of Flight 965 as an anchor to drive home the dangers of complacency and the importance of situational awareness.
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Only 2 days without an accident at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant 😜 #simpsons #workplacesafety I think they need my help

I 💗 my clients!!! And I love taking selfies in their lobby 🤓

Appearance is nothing, heart is everything!

This makes me so proud to have grown up in Kansas City. Congratulations Royals fans... #TookTheCrown #ForeverRoyal

This championship reminds me of the last time they won and I'll have to admit I was crying like a baby walking down memory lane last night. I remember staying up late to watch the game with my family and after they won, my dad took his rifle to the backyard and started shooting in the air. My my started yelling "people don't celebrate like that here! You're not in Colombia! They're going to call the police!!!" But all I could see was happiness! 😊 I'm sure many heartfelt memories were stirred up last night after the victory. Congratulations KC! #ForeverRoyal

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