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Mother’s Day 2015

Wow. It’s been far too long since I’ve written you to offer my warmest wishes from my office in Dallas, Texas!

How have you been? Thanks to the loyalty and generosity of my clients, it has been quite a productive and busy year. Are you in workplace safety? Are you a sales professional? Have you been to a company meeting or industry conference lately? If I was answering those questions I would say, “Yes, yes and, why yes!”

But my most important role that keeps me the most “on my toes” is the role of Chief Mom Officer (C.M.O.). In between client conferences, documentary collaborations and contract negotiations it’s all in the joyful background buzz of rowdy playdates, spilled legos, and stinky unidentified objects.

Ramirez Johnson FamilyAs some of you may know, my two youngest sons (Dorian and Wynn) were born with a very rare genetic terminal illness known as i-cell disease (Mucolipidosis II). With a life expectancy of only 4-7 years, each day with them has been a blessing . They have taught us so much about unconditional love, the power of faith, and the unwavering courage a person can have, no matter how small or “sick” they may be.

WynnThis past December, at the age of six, my brave little boy Wynn earned his angel wings after fighting his brave battle against i-cell. Although he never grew bigger than the size of a 9 month old, he was the cutest most tender hearted soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving. This mother’s day I will celebrate in three meaningful ways. I will honor the memory of my dear mom who passed away and will be comforted in all the great memories I have of her. I will celebrate by being (hopefully!) spoiled by my husband and three sons (I’m very subtle with my hints, can you tell?). And most importantly I will celebrate by knowing that I have a special little guardian angel that will be sending me warm Mother’s Day wishes his own little way for the very first time.

I wish you all a blessed Mother’s Day weekend and I hope that you all have the opportunity to spend it with those that mean the most to you. I look forward to being the C.M.O of my domain and enjoying all the benefits that comes with it. Thank you for continuing to follow my journey, I hope my words can continue to be of inspiration and peace to you, whether you read them or whether you have seen me present to your organization in person.

So, hey! “Are you in workplace safety? Are you a sales pro? Have you been to a conference lately? Did you just make up the C.M.O title?”

I answer “Yes. Yes. Yes. And… yes.”

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