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No Princess Here Please

My parents never told me I was a princess.  My mom never let me complain if people at school made fun of my brown skin or my unruly curly hair (I was the only brown girl in my entire elementary school).  In fact, she MANY times told me “everybody has problems, no body really wants to hear about yours.”

But never once did I feel unloved.  My dad used to tell me I was “la negrita mas linda del mundo.”  There’s no politically correct way to translate that, so lets just say he always told me I was the most beautiful little brown girl in the world. My mom used to remind me “women throw tons of money out the window in perming their hair and sitting hours in the sun to look like how God made you, so quit wishing to look like someone you’re not.”

So no, I wasn’t ever told I was a princess and miraculously I grew up feeling loved and confident.  God never blessed me with a daughter but after watching this video of this Lindenwood University Rugby 7’s Player (Georgia Page), I would pick a tough determined young lady as a daughter, not a fragile princess any day of the week.

A tough woman can raise a family, run a corporation, think beyond her preciousness and help others, and can inspire others.  Her inspiration does NOT come from her looks nor her given title.  She inspires with her grit, character and accomplishments.  Let’s hear it for all the inspiring tough ladies in our lives!  Sorry princesses… let the tough girls take center stage today.


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In 1995, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson narrowly survived a commercial airplane crash that killed 160 people, including her parents. As one of only four survivors of this tragedy, she vowed that she would make her second chance at life count…and that she has – not only for herself, but also for the tens of thousands of people who have heard her story and her message.

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