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Ne-Yo meets his biggest fan!

Click on this link here — Dorian’s Make-A-Wish Ne-Yo

If you take a look at this video you will see my son’s Make-a-Wish dream come true!  Dorian was introduced to Ne-Yo’s music when his nurse Stephanie would play his music videos for him at night.  His late night jam sessions with her turned into a special love for all of Ne-Yo’s music.  This award winning composer, singer, actor and producer was a  presenter last night on MTV’s Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and in less than 10 hours after his LIVE appearance at the VMA’s he boarded a plane and came straight to our home to meet his biggest fan, Dori!

He was humble, personable, and kind.  We were blown away that when given the choice to either Skype Dorian or to come here in person, he chose to fly to our home in Texas and meet him here in our home.  He showed us pictures of his children and had many inspiring stories of how his mother opened his path to music writing as a creative way to express his feelings. He clapped for Dorian, gave him high-fives and made him laugh.  The most beautiful part of the entire afternoon was when he sang to Dori his favorite song “Let Me Love You”.  When he was singing, Dori became very still and listened intently with his eyes real big, almost as if he couldn’t believe that Ne-Yo was singing to HIM.

Our family could not thank him enough, from one parent to another we were so touched that he took time away from his career, family and obligations to meet our sweet spunky boy.  It was an afternoon we will never forget.   We extend a huge thank you to the North Texas Make-A-Wish Foundation for fast-tracking Dorian’s request to meet his favorite performer.  We thank our doctors and hospice staff that helped submit all the paperwork for us.   We are so happy to have seen Dori enjoy everything that happened from start to finish.  What a blessed day!


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